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Sponsor a student that is financially unable to afford classes at Ovation Studio for the Performing Arts. Sponsors will receive a photo of their student, a list of classes the student is enrolled in, and two tickets to every show that your Rising Star participates in.

Scholarships are awarded to families that due to financial or extenuating circumstances can not otherwise afford classes at Ovation Studio for the Performing Arts. Full and partial scholarships are available. Ovation Studio for the Performing Arts makes every effort to award as many scholarships as possible!

How To Apply

1) Completed a registration form and a 2015 Rising Starz Scholarship application for each student applying for assistance.

2) Scholarship applications must be accompanied by a copy of your 2014 tax returns. For students younger than 18 years of age a parent(s)/guardian(s) must provide a copy of their 2014 tax returns.

Full scholarships cover entire class fee(s). Partial scholarships only cover a portion of class fee(s) each month and will be based on income. Please feel free to contact Ryne Haldeman if there are any questions or concerns after decisions about scholarships have been made.

Once you have been accepted into the scholarship program, you are responsible for:

1) Paying recital, performance, and costume fees for any scholarshipped classes. Fees may be paid over time. Please make payment arrangements with Ryne Haldeman.

2) Scholarship recipients 18 years of age and older or Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of recipients younger than 18 years of age are expected to volunteer a minimum of 5 hours per class that the scholarship covers throughout the year at Ovation Studio for the Performing Arts events.

If you have any questions regarding the Rising Starz Scholarship Program please contact Ryne Haldeman at 970-690-8189 or

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